Workshops are generally held for three days, but can be customized to suit the needs of individual groups.

Double Rainbow- 3 day workshop

2 Layers, 4 Shafts, 6 Colors – Infinite Possibilities

This workshop now can include 2 blocks on 8 shafts.

This is perhaps the ultimate color sampler! You will begin by winding a warp and setting up your loom according to Jennifer's system for working with multiple colors in a rotational sequence and bringing it to the workshop. A basic two-layered structure will enable us to mix and match our colors, creating an amazing array of color mixtures. (more)

Doubleweave Diversity for 4 and 8 Shafts 3 day workshop

Learn all about the magic of doubleweave! In this workshop participants will weave a sampler that explores weaving two independent layers of cloth, double-width cloth, tubular weaving, color-and-weave effects, pique, quilting and doubleweave pick-up.

Doubleweave: Beyond the Basics– 3 day workshop

In this round robin workshop participants will explore what can be done with multiple layers of cloth on a 4- and 8-shaft loom.

Mathemagical Design From Fibonacci to Fractals– 3 day workshop

Have you ever wanted to work with these wonderful tools for visual design, but been scared off by a lack of drawing or math skills? This workshop is for you!


Teaching Rates

Workshops - $600 per day.
Half day workshops - $350.
Guild programs $300

Other expenses to be covered include:
- Round trip transportation from Santa Fe. This is generally a shuttle bus from Santa Fe to Albuquerque, and the lowest airfare from Albuquerque.
- Any necessary baggage or shipping costs.
- All meals
- Lodging, generally in the home of a guild member, with private bedroom and bathroom.*

* I am a very easy guest Im quiet, have no food allergies, and love animals, especially big dogs!

Rainbow Sampler