Doubleweave Diversity for 4 and 8 Shafts 3 day workshop

Sampler by Kira Roberts

Learn all about the magic of doubleweave! In this workshop participants will weave a sampler that explores weaving two independent layers of cloth, double-width cloth, tubular weaving, color-and-weave effects, pique, quilting and doubleweave pick-up. Students with 8-shaft looms will also be able to weave samples of 2-block doubleweave techniques in checkerboard, windows and double-blocks. Graphing designs and working with multiple colors will be introduced. These techniques can then be taken home to create clothing, sculptural pieces, decorative hangings and whatever else the imagination can dream of.

Level- intermediate

Students will bring a 4-shaft or 8-shaft loom warped according to instructions

Material fee- $10

Maximum- 20 students

Equipment- whiteboard

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