Doubleweave: Beyond the Basics

Doubleweave Workshop
Runner woven by student Chris Robinson.

In this round robin workshop participants will explore what can be done with multiple layers of cloth on both a 4- and 8-shaft loom. We will weave samples and study the theory behind a variety of structures including the following: 4-Shaft– 4-Color Sampler, 4-Color Block Rotation, Double-block Layer Exchange, Tubular Log Cabin, Overshot-Patterned Doubleweave 8-Shaft- 4-Layer Weaves, Folded Twill Cloth, Decorative Stitching, Checkerboard, Windows, Two Double-blocks, Twill Pick-up, Block Pick-up.

Level- intermediate
Students will bring a 4-shaft or 8-shaft table or floor loom warped according to instructions
Material fee- $10
Maximum- 20 students
Equipment- whiteboard

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